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Team Headshots

Team headshots to that will strenghen your brand and boost team morale

At Folrev Photography, we understand the power of a genuine first impression. Pierre, with over 10 years of experience, specializes in capturing headshots that go beyond just a photo – they showcase personality, emotion, and confidence that will resonates with your audience.

Pierre's passion lies in transforming what can be an awkward experience into a fun and enjoyable one. His signature style is characterized by happy, clean, confident, bright, and simple imagery – scientifically proven to make a lasting positive impact.

Our past clients  for Office Headshots this past 12 months include consulting firms, legal firms, Beauty and healthcare providers, financial institutions, and IT firms.

We bring to you:

  • Tailored approach: We collaborate with you to understand your specific needs and goals, ensuring your headshots perfectly represent your brand and identity.

  • Proven expertise: Pierre's extensive experience guarantees high-quality, professional results that meet your expectations.

  • On-site or in-studio convenience: Choose the efficiency of on-site sessions knowing that if needed you can set up a catchup session in our studio.

  • Team satisfaction: We prioritize making the experience enjoyable and stress-free, ensuring your team leave feeling confident and happy with their headshots.

It Includes:

  • 2 to 40 headshots in a day

  • 10 to 25 minutes session

  • In-Studio,  On-Location or Hybrid

  • Optional hair & make-up artist on location

  • Real-time feedback with tethered capture

  • Style match to your brand 

  • Degressively priced

  • Commercial license

Our Process


Post Shoot

We work with you to review and refine your image selection. Together, we choose the best images that match your business brand’s style.  For team headshots of 5 and over, you also have the option of a proof gallery.  The retouched images are delivered within a week or less.


During the Shoot

We make plenty of chest-up headshots, expression coaching included! We guide you to your best angles & expressions, reviewing shots live for optimal results. We adapt to your business needs for a truly personalized session.


Before the shoot

Our session begins with a collaborative discussion to identify your goals and tailor our approach. We'll discuss the science behind compelling headshots and adjust your look for ultimate success.

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