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Single Portraits

What to expect

Unveil Your Authentic Self: Single Portrait Sessions Made Easy

Forget awkward self-portraits and generic profile pics. Our Single Portrait sessions are designed to reveal the vibrant, unique you, naturally and effortlessly.

Imagine: relaxed, friendly images showcasing your genuine personality, like your best friend captured your essence on a perfect day. We don't do stiff poses or forced smiles – just authentic you, shining through.

Embrace the open air: step into the beauty of nature, where sunlight and natural settings let your true character blossom. We'll find the perfect backdrop that complements your style and reflects your spirit.

Express yourself freely: explore different outfits and let your personality shine through each look. With our extended 90-150 minute sessions, we ensure you have ample variety to find the perfect images that represent you flawlessly.

More than just dating profiles: whether you're seeking a confidence boost for your online presence or simply want stunning portraits to cherish, we're here to help. These are your images, your story, captured for you and you alone.

Ready to unveil your authentic self? Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and let's create magic together. Together, we'll craft portraits that celebrate who you are, inside and out.

Session Investment: $350

Each Edited (digital) image : $150 (with an Extended Personal use license)

For better transparency, our prices are "all taxes included".

Pierre really took the time to make sure I was happy with the photos. We reviewed and took new photos 3 times till I decided on the shot I wanted. Would highly recommend Folrev photography!


Pierre was great to work with! He did an excellent job of coaching me and making me feel comfortable while shooting. I will definitely recommend him to all my friends and family!

Brian N.

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