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Team Headshots


Based On Volume

Team headshots to that will strenghen your brand and boost team morale

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At Folrev Photography, we understand the power of a genuine first impression. Pierre, with over 10 years of experience, specializes in capturing headshots that go beyond just a photo – they showcase personality, emotion, and confidence that will resonates with your audience.

Pierre's passion lies in transforming what can be an awkward experience into a fun and enjoyable one. His signature style is characterized by happy, clean, confident, bright, and simple imagery – scientifically proven to make a lasting positive impact.

Our past clients  for Office Headshots this past 12 months include consulting firms, legal firms, Beauty and healthcare providers, financial institutions, and IT firms.

We bring to you:

  • Tailored approach: We collaborate with you to understand your specific needs and goals, ensuring your headshots perfectly represent your brand and identity.

  • Proven expertise: Pierre's extensive experience guarantees high-quality, professional results that meet your expectations.

  • On-site or in-studio convenience: Choose the efficiency of on-site sessions knowing that if needed you can set up a catchup session in our studio.

  • Team satisfaction: We prioritize making the experience enjoyable and stress-free, ensuring your team leave feeling confident and happy with their headshots.

It Includes:

  • 2 to 40 headshots in a day

  • 10 to 25 minutes session

  • In-Studio,  On-Location or Hybrid

  • Optional hair & make-up artist on location

  • Real-time feedback with tethered capture

  • Style match to your brand 

  • Degressively priced

  • Commercial license

In-Studio or On-location


Session Investment:     $
Image Investment:      

Based On Volume

$ 110 ea. Editing and Extented Personal License included.

Headshot images sold separately.
To avoid surprises, our prices incorporate all applicable taxes and fees.

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Our Process


Post Shoot

We work with you to review and refine your image selection. Together, we choose the best images that match your brand’s style and ensure variety and expression. We also provide consultation on what is feasible or not with editing. Once you finalize the selection, purchase the best images for your needs. The retouched images are delivered within a week or less.


During the Shoot

We make plenty of chest-up headshots and full portrait (in One Studio session only), expression coaching included! We guide you to your best angles & expressions your best outfit, reviewing shots live for optimal results. We adapt to your needs for a truly personalized session.


Before the shoot

Our session begins with a collaborative discussion to identify your goals and tailor our approach. We'll explore the science behind compelling headshots and develop a personalized plan for ultimate success.

  • How long does the consultation last at Folrev Photography?
    Folrev Photography prioritizes personalized experiences. In our 30-60 minute consultations, we delve into your style, wardrobe, location preferences, and answer your questions. We'll also showcase our packages and pricing to ensure a perfect match for your portrait needs. Our goal? To capture the perfect portrait, tailored just for you.
  • Does Folrev Photography require in-person consultation, or is it possible to do sessions via Zoom?
    Folrev Photography brings the studio to you! Choose between convenient virtual sessions or visit our welcoming studio. We prioritize your comfort and enjoyment, whether you prefer an in-person experience or the ease of Zoom (or Google Meet).
  • Who should attend the consultation session at Folrev Photography?
    At Folrev Photography, we highly encourage both the client and the subject (if different) to attend the consultation session. This ensures everyone's on the same page for vision, style, and needs. It also lets us get to know you and personalize your portraits for a more successful and enjoyable experience!
  • How long does a portrait photography session at Folrev Photography last?
    Forget posing for 5 minutes and bam, portrait done! At Folrev, we immerse ourselves in your story for 1-2 hours (sometimes longer). Why? Because capturing your genuine sparkle takes time and connection. We'll guide you through different poses, settings, and styles, like your personal photography playground. You see, at the heart of it, we're creating timeless portraits that scream YOU, not just generic snaps. Got specific needs or a tight schedule? No sweat! We're flexible and will bend over backwards to ensure your portrait experience is pure magic.
  • Can you do sessions on weekends?
    Yes, at Folrev Photography, we understand that our clients have busy schedules during the week, which is why we offer weekend sessions to accommodate your needs. Whether you're looking to capture a family portrait, senior photo, single portrait or business portrait, we are available to schedule sessions on some Saturdays and Sundays. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized photography services that fit into your busy lifestyle. Get in touch with us to discuss our weekend session availability and book your appointment today.
  • What should I wear for my session?
    Choosing your portrait outfit can feel like a puzzle, but fear not! Our consultations are your secret weapon. We'll chat about the vibe you're going for, whether it's casual cool, elegant evening, or even a fun theme. Considering the setting and your personal style, we'll offer personalized recommendations that make you look and feel amazing. Group portraits? No worries! We'll guide you on coordinating outfits that sing in harmony for a visually stunning result. Remember, our goal is to make you radiate confidence in front of the camera. So, let's find the perfect outfit that lets your unique personality shine through and creates portraits you'll cherish forever!
  • Can I bring my pet to my portrait photography session at Folrev Photography?
    Folrev Photography is open to well-behaved dogs joining the fun. But before your pup steals the show (and maybe some treats!), let's chat about it during our initial consultation. This way, we can ensure your furry friend's presence won't disrupt the shoot and creates a stress-free experience for everyone. Our goal? Capturing magical moments with you and your pet, without any barking mishaps or unexpected zoomies.
  • Who should be there at the reveal/ordering session at Folrev Photography?
    At Folrev Photography, we highly encourage all decision-makers who will be involved in selecting and ordering the final portraits to attend the reveal/ordering session. This may include parents, partners, or anyone else who will be contributing to the decision-making process. Having all decision-makers present during the reveal/ordering session will help streamline the process and ensure that everyone is satisfied with the final selections. Shared voices + shared Memories = shared Joy,
  • Where does the ordering session take place?
    At Folrev Photography, we believe in providing a personalized and seamless experience for our clients, which is why our ordering sessions take place at our studio. This allows us to showcase the stunning portrait photographs we have captured, and our clients can view and select the images in person. Our studio provides a comfortable and professional environment for you to review and choose your favorite portraits, and we'll be on hand to guide you through the process. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final selection and prints, and our studio ordering sessions are an essential part of achieving this goal.
  • Do you do album? Do you print large canvases? Metal prints? Acrylic prints? Do you sell digital files
    Yes, we offer a wide range of print and product options including albums, large canvases, metal prints, acrylic prints, and digital files. The specific details and options for these products will be discussed during your consultation. We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality, custom products that meet their individual needs and preferences. Our goal is to ensure that you have a personalized, seamless experience when choosing and receiving your prints and digital files.
  • Does ordering session have to be scheduled during the week?
    Yes, but we understands your busy schedule. That's why we're happy to schedule your ordering session after hours, even if it's late evening! We want you to have a convenient, personalized experience, so let's find a time that works for you. We'll schedule this at the end of your session! ✨
  • Do I have to buy a package? can I buy "a-la-carte"?
    Forget one-size-fits-all! At Folrev Photography, we offer flexibility that fits your needs. Explore our cost-effective packages designed for different goals, build your own masterpiece with our a-la-carte options. Want the convenience of a package? Go for it! or use our packages as a starting point and add a-la-carte products to feed your craving for specific prints and edits. Pick and choose! We're here to deliver exceptional portraits tailored just for you. So, ditch the limitations and embrace the possibilities!
  • How much should I expect to invest for a portrait photography order?
    At Folrev Photography, we understand that every client has different needs and expectations when it comes to portrait photography. Our pricing is tailored to reflect our commitment to providing high-quality, personalized experiences for each of our clients. Family portrait clients and high-school senior portraits clients should expect to invest between $900 and $2,000. The amount invested will depend on factors such as the number, type and size of prints or digital files desired. We offer a range of packages to suit different budgets, and our pricing is transparent and discussed upfront during the initial consultation. We strive to provide excellent value for our clients, ensuring that they receive stunning, timeless portraits that they can cherish for years to come. For detailed pricing information and to discuss your specific needs, we encourage you to to schedule a consultation.
  • Can you shorten the times it takes to get delivered?
    At Folrev Photography, our top priority is to ensure that each portrait we deliver is of the highest quality and meets our clients' expectations. While we strive to deliver our portraits in a timely manner, the exact delivery time may vary depending on the complexity of the order and the editing process involved. We understand that our clients are eager to receive their portraits, and we do our best to expedite the process without compromising on the quality. If you have specific timelines in mind, please feel free to discuss them with us during the initial consultation, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Our commitment is to provide you with timeless, beautiful portraits that you will cherish for years to come.
  • Will you edit the images on my order?
    Yes, all images are edited at Folrev Photography. We believe in providing our clients with the highest quality and professional images, so we ensure that every photo is carefully edited to enhance its overall appearance on the support you chose for this order. We will apply photo retouching, color correction, and any necessary enhancements to make sure your images look their best. We are committed to delivering outstanding final products to our clients, and our editing process is a crucial part of achieving this goal.


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