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Standard Headshot & Business Portrait License

This license applies to all Headshots and Business portraits for individuals – Since June 22nd, 2020.

This License Agreement is made at the time of ordering the photo between Pierre Frevol of Folrev Photography, LLC, hereinafter referred to as Licensor, and you, the client hereinafter referred to as Licensee.

Whereas Licensor and Licensee hereby agree to the following:

Licensee is granted a license for the following use:

  1. The image(s) subject to this agreement are the individual images ordered, delivered, and paid for, following a headshot or business portrait session with and/or for the client. Proof images are not covered under this license.

  2. Use of the above-mentioned images is limited to reproducing, distributing, and displaying, for personal and social media use, unaltered version of the image(s). Editorial use is also approved with Credits.

Licensor and Licensee agree to the following additional terms:

  • Licensor will not sell a license to a third party without prior written permission from licensee.

  • Licensor retains all copyright and moral rights to each image. Licensor also retains all rights not expressed in the agreement, including its right to use images for promotional and advertising purposes unless stated otherwise.

  • Licensee may not transfer this license or sub-license the image(s) to other parties.

  • Licensee agrees that altering, combining, compositing, merging, splitting, feeding images, with or without AI powered tools without obtaining written permission from Licensor is prohibited.

  • Unless The licensee asked in written, prior to the session, to waive this clause, the licensee  hereby irrevocably authorize Pierre Frevol and Folrev Photography, LLC and their assignees, licensees, legal representatives and transferees to use and publish (with or without licensee name, company name, or with a fictitious name) the licensed  photographs herein described in any and all forms and media and in all manners, including composite images or distorted representations, and for the purposes of publicity, illustration, commercial art, advertising, publishing (including publishing in electronic form), for any product or services.

By booking the session described or ordering images from it, you’re agreeing to the terms of this license and our other terms and conditions, unless we’ve already signed a different written agreement.

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