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From Code to Clicks: My Journey to Making a Difference with Photography

Forget algorithms, firewalls, UIs and 3-year product plans, my heart beats for shutter speeds and softboxes. It wasn't always this way, though. Years ago, I traded in my keyboard (well, not really) for a camera, leaving behind the world of Microsoft for the vibrant realm of photography. Why the switch? Call it a calling, a deep-seated desire to trade lines of code for lines of light, capturing moments that go beyond pixels and data.

My passion wasn't born overnight. Photography was a hobby, a way to escape the binary world of ones and zeros. But during a sabbatical trip with my wife and my 3 daughters in Asia and Australia, amidst breathtaking landscapes, the realization dawned: this wasn't just a hobby, it was my purpose. I craved to capture not just beauty, but the soul within it, the stories etched on faces and the emotions that danced in eyes.

Taking a leap of faith, I traded the comfort of my IT job for the unknown world of professional photography. It was scary, sure, but the fear couldn't compete with the fire in my belly. And so, Folrev Photography was born, not just a business, but a mission to making a difference, one click at a time.

But my pictures aren't about fancy filters or staged perfection. They're about capturing the real you, the unfiltered essence that makes you, well, you. Whether it's a headshot that screams professionalism, a family portrait bursting with love, or a senior picture that captures your unique spirit, I want my clients to shine through my lens.

It's not just about the pictures, though. It's about the connections. Building relationships with each client, understanding their vision, and collaborating to bring their stories to life – that's what truly fuels me. It's the joy of seeing their eyes light up when they see the final product, knowing I've captured something precious, something that will stay with them forever.

And the impact goes beyond my clients. Volunteering my skills at organizations like Soulumination and YWCA, capturing the resilience and strength of individuals facing challenges, has shown me the power of photography to uplift and inspire. It's a reminder that my art can make a difference, one story at a time.

So, if you're ready to tell your story, let's collaborate! My journey from code to clicks has been incredible, and I'm excited to be a part of yours. Let's create images that celebrate your individuality, your spirit, and the unique beauty that makes you, you. Together, let's prove that art can not only capture moments, but also change lives.

Ready to click? Let's go!

The 5 of us posing with Japanese students in Kyoto - May 2007


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