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A Gift of Light: My 10+ Years Capturing Soulumination's Stories

A faded 5x7 portrait of a young boy named Olivier hangs on my parents' wall. Olivier, my brother, passed away days before I was born. This photograph, more than just pixels on paper, is a cherished connection to him, a window into a life I never knew. It's a reminder of life's preciousness, a gift I hold dear.

Olivier, a photo of my brother

This is why Soulumination resonates so deeply with me. They offer families with children facing life-threatening illnesses the same gift I received – the power of photography. They capture the love, joy (and sometimes grief), strength, and hope that bind these families together. They create images that celebrate lives, preserve stories, and mend hearts, leaving a lasting impact that transcends time.

For nearly 12 years (over 100 sessions), I've been privileged to volunteer, capturing Soulumination stories as a photographer. It's been an incredibly rewarding journey, filled with encounters with extraordinary individuals – the families, the Soulumination team, and the hospital staff.

Each session is unique, yet united by a common thread – love. Sometimes it's a joyous celebration, other times a quiet moment of grief. My goal is to capture the essence of each family, their personalities, emotions, and unwavering spirit. I want to create images they can treasure, reflecting their bond and the light they carry.

Whether it's in the hospital, a park, or my studio, I strive to create a comfortable space for them to be themselves, to enjoy a "normal" family moment amidst challenges. Witnessing their courage, resilience, and love has been a humbling experience, teaching me invaluable lessons about life and what truly matters.

I'm honored to be a part of Soulumination's mission, sharing my passion with these families. Their stories inspire me, their strength humbles me, and their love fills me with gratitude.

If you'd like to learn more about Soulumination or support their work, please visit their website: While you won't find examples in my portfolio due to privacy concerns, I encourage you to explore their website and the video below, featuring Soulumination's impact from different perspectives. (btw, I'm the "Pierre" mentioned by Enyo and Charles Ofori starting at 3:35.)

Thank you for reading.

Video Copyright: Soulumination


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